Mulled Pear, Apple and Almond Crumble with Creme Anglaise

Serves four people



For the filling:

1kg apples

1kg pears

250g sugar

1sp mixed spice

250ml red wine

1 star anise

1 cinnamon stick


For the crumble topping:

250g ground almonds

150g porridge oats

150g sugar

100g butter


For the crème anglaise:

7 egg yolks

1Pt cream

Vanilla seeds

75g sugar

1tsp cardamom powder



Peel and chop the apples and pears, put them in a large pan, cover them with the sugar and leave for 10 minutes to allow the juices to come out.

Add the cinnamon stick, star anise, mixed spice and red wine and stew for 30/40 minutes on a low heat.

To make the crumble topping rub together the almonds, porridge oats, sugar and butter.

Pre heat the oven to 160 degrees, put the apple and pear mix in an oven proof dish and top with the crumble topping then bake for 15 minutes.

To make the crème anglaise boil the cream, cardamom powder and vanilla seeds together.

Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a separate pan.

Pour the hot cream into the egg yolk and sugar mixture slowly (you don’t want to overcook the eggs) then return to the heat and whisk until thickened. 

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