Matt, what do you like most about spring?

Crisp mornings, longer day-light hours, super fresh ingredients, vibrant colours and fresh flavours to play with!

Could you tell us your favourite spring ingredients?

First of the new season asparagus, Jersey royal potatoes, spring lamb and broad beans

 And how about a recipe for us, using those ingredients?

Roast cannon of spring lamb, thyme scented gnocchi, fricassee of broad beans, asparagus and gem lettuce hearts


Serves 2


1 cannon of lamb- cleaned, with excess fat and sinew removed

200g Jersey royal potatoes

200g plain flour

2 egg yolks

1 Thyme sprig

500g broad beans

10 asparagus spears

2 gem lettuce

Salt & pepper



200ml homemade Madeira jus

¼ pt Madeira

¾ pt Lamb stock




Pan roast the prepared lamb in butter, basting continuously to allow even cooking for approximately 6 minutes, then allow to rest for 6 minutes in a warm place. This cut of meat should be served pink for best results.


Pre- cook the Jersey royals then peel and mash until smooth, add egg yolks, flour and chopped thyme, loosen with a little water until soft but still able to handle and then season with salt and pepper. Roll into sausage shapes and cut into 2cm pieces before blanching in boiling salted water. When they float to the top of the water they are cooked, remove from the water and drain.


Quickly blanch the broad beans and asparagus. Take ¼ gem lettuce, wash and set aside.

In a hot frying pan sauté the gnocchi in olive oil and butter until golden brown. Add the blanched vegetables and gem lettuce then sauté until vegetables are hot and the gem lettuce is starting to go soft. Turn out onto a cloth covered tray to drain any excess fat.

To serve:

Place the fricassee on a plate and carve the lamb into several slices before placing on top. Finally, add Madeira to lamb stock and reduce, then spoon over the dish.

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