When the Salopian Brewery opened on the outskirts of Shrewsbury in 1995, it was the smallest commercial brewery in the country with a 2 barrel brewlength and produced mainly bottled beers.

Over the years, this progressed to cask beer production, very much in the traditional Midlands style of blonde and slightly hopped. They have since gone on to make the change to a more modern hop led style, and steadily expanded in size, most recently relocating in 2014 to a 50 barrel plant.

If you’re from the area of Shrewsbury you might be called a “Salopian”. History goes that the old English name for Shrewsbury was Scrobbesbyrigscir, which the Normans (and us!) found difficult to pronounce and they used the word “Salopesberia” – which then morphed into Salopian years later.

The Salopian Brewery have won an amazing amount of awards, both nationally and internationally for their draught and bottled beers and this May we will be featuring Oracle and Far Side on draught.


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