The Bear’s Paw has joined forces with local brewery – the Cheshire Brew Brothers. We will be showcasing four of their real ales during September, created using the best quality ingredients from home and around the globe. We recently caught up with the guys and they shared their story of how they came about, who they are and what inspires their brewing!

In Bruges…

A lot can happen in Bruges. If you have been then you will know, but if you haven’t and you are keen on beer and architecture, this small Belgian town is a perfect destination for you. It was in the beautiful surroundings of a little bar hidden behind the famous Medieval Belfry of Bruges, or Belfort to give it its proper name late in 2013, that the idea came to us. A conversation over breakfast the morning after the night before sealed the deal; we were to become brewers.

Our advice by the way is to tackle the 366 steps of the Belfort before making your way to sample the local brews!


In Cheshire…

Born and bred in Cheshire the Cheshire Brew Brothers aren’t actually brothers but best mates who have known each other for longer than we care to remember. A combined love of great ale and fantastic local pubs (such as The Bear’s Paw) has been a feature of our friendship over the years. The production of beer on a very small scale, with what can only be described as ‘creative’ results has provided the foundation for our much refined four core beers; CHESTER GOLD 3.6%, BrewBros AMBER 3.8%, BrewBros TAWNY 3.8% and BrewBros DARK 4.0%.

Sited near Cheshire Oaks on the Cheshire – Wirral border we are perfectly situated to supply beers to pubs across the region. However, because we take pride in ensuring that the beers we make are in perfect condition when served, we have made a conscious decision to only supply within a very small radius of the brewery.

This also allows us to get to know both our trade and public customers very well, which as far as we are concerned is what it is all about; if you have great beer and great friends then what more could you want?!


Our Principles…

We have three core principles that underpin everything we do;

  • “Brew what we like to drink” – and in our four core brews you will find all of what we like about beer – we hope that you enjoy them too.
  • “Don’t let anything out of the brewery we aren’t proud of” – great breweries are built upon the foundation of a great reputation and we go to the greatest lengths to ensure the beers we produce are perfect when they reach you.
  • “Relax, enjoy the ride” – This is easier said than done because brewing great beer is hard work. However, now we are up and brewing we hope to see you in a pub near you soon – please say hello and let’s talk beer!

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