Lymestone are a micro-brewery based in Stone in Staffordshire. For almost a thousand years, Stone has been a brewing town, with the first recorded brewers being Augustinian Monks who brewed their ales blessed with the sign of a cross.

The original brewery first came about in 1889, growing throughout the 20th century before its closure in the 1970’s. Brad, who had been in the industry for almost twenty years, saw potential in the neglected building and decided to make it the home of Lymestone Brewery.

The brewery now produces a range of permanent cask ales as well as seasonal brews which can be found in and around Stone, Staffordshire and up to 50 miles from the Brewery – including at The Bear’s Paw!

You can find information on their ales below, or visit

Lymestone Cowboy – 4.2% ABV

Foundation Stone is a 4.5% ABV Golden Indian Pale Ale, crafted from the finest pale and crystal malts. Faint biscuit and chewy, juicy citrus fruits burst onto the palate then spicy Boadicea and Pilot hops pepper the taste buds leaving a pleasing long and dry bitter finish.

Stone Cutter is a 3.7% ABV pale bitter with glorious floral and citrus flavours

Stone Faced is a light orange red 4.0% bitter with subtle citrus and toffee flavours

Ein Stein is a very pale 5.0% ABV packed with German hops to give a well balanced beer similar in flavour to many quality continental beers

Stone the Crows is a rich and malty 5.4% ABV strong bitter that is a deep ruby red full of juicy dark fruit flavours giving way to a long bitter finish

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